The Community Care and Disability Support Industry is all about improving the lives of those facing challenges. It offers diverse career opportunities for compassionate individuals and emphasises the importance of empathy and support.

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Aged Care

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offers various job opportunities, primarily as NDIS support workers. These roles provide a chance for compassionate individuals to directly assist those with disabilities, with potential for career growth and flexible work arrangements.

Disability support and care presents a diverse array of job opportunities, including disability carer roles and specialised positions like therapists. It’s an inclusive sector that welcomes candidates from diverse backgrounds and offers ongoing support for professional development.

Care Taker

Community Care Program encompasses roles such as personal care assistants and social workers, focusing on providing support and companionship to individuals in their communities. Working in community nursing sector means making a significant impact on people’s lives, with growing demand as the aging population increases.

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